5 Reasons Hilton Timeshare Owners Love HGVC

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld for Hilton Timeshare Owners and Renters
Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld for Hilton Timeshare Owners and Renters

Hilton Grand Vacations Club (Hilton timeshare) is a popular and much-loved vacation ownership option for many families and couples today. Not only are HGVC resorts beautiful and located at all the places you love to vacation, but for Hilton timeshare owners, vacation planning is flexible and designed to fit in easily with today’s busy world and busy lifestyles.

But what is it that truly makes Hilton timeshares so uniquely special?

Here are 5 reasons that Hilton timeshare owners love Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HFVC):

  1. Luxury accommodations. Hilton timeshares are recognized for offering upscale, spacious accommodations backed by superior customer service.
  2. HHonors. When you become a Hilton Grand Vacations Club owner, you automatically become part of the HHonors award program at the Silver Elite Level. This frequent traveler distinction provides Hilton timeshare owners with many benefits that make vacations easier and more fun.
  3. Diversity. Hilton timeshare owners benefit from the many relationships established by Hilton Grand Vacations Club with others in the vacation industry, including travel industry partners Grand Pacific, Hilton Resorts of Scotland, Fiesta Americana Hotels, and Club Intrawest.
  4. Guest Privileges. For Hilton timeshare owners, making vacation reservations for your guests couldn’t be easier. Family member guests stay at no additional charge. Also, there is no additional charge to reserve in a guest’s name during  your Home Week Season.
  5. Flexibility: Hilton Grand Vacations Club is synonymous with flexibility. Book your vacation at a Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort, convert to HHonors points to book at one of the Hilton-affiliated luxury hotels, or book anywhere in the RCI timeshare exchange network.

Vacationing doesn’t get easier than this!