The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index is Available Now

The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) is available now.
The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) is available now.

Yesterday we released the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI) of the most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals based on the number of offers made through our company’s websites to either buy or rent these timeshares. The Timeshare Demand Index covers a one-year period and only looks at the number of offers made on each resort. When consumers place offers (bids) on timeshare resort properties–either intervals, points, or vacation club memberships–they are establishing the true market value of shared ownership.

Just as importantly, the offers made by buyers and renters of timeshare devastate the myth that there is no demand for timeshare resales. Our first company, Sell My Timeshare NOW, is coming up on 10 years in successful business– a decade! If there truly was no market for timeshare resales and rentals, what could we possibly have been selling for ten full years of business?

The Timeshare Demand Index offers interesting insights on the vacation ownership industry. Current owners can see how their timeshares rank in terms of consumer demand. Also, the TDI gives prospective timeshare owners and renters insights into which properties other families and couples see as desirable, and perhaps even offers insights into how strong the resale demand will be for a property they buy now, should they wish to sell it in the future.

Everyone is encouraged to view and download the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index.   You’ll find the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index here: You’ll find one Disney Vacation Club timeshare in the top ten most in-demand timeshares, and three other Disney timeshares within the top thirty.

Only one California timeshare, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas made the top ten list, and remarkably, there were no Las Vegas timeshares in the top ten, although Elara, a Hilton Gran Vacations Hotel, Center Strip did  rank as number 12 on the list.

And what about the bottom of the list? What does it mean if a timeshare resort ranks number 100 on the TDI? Does it mean you shouldn’t buy timeshare at that resort?

Not at all.

Even the 100th resort on the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index is a buzzing property, with more than 200 offers to buy or rent timeshare at that resort facilitated through our company last year.