3 Ways to Ensure Summer Vacation Doesn’t Pass You By

You only get one chance at summer vacation 2013
You only get one chance at summer vacation 2013

Knee-deep in summer already, when this season ends it will have slipped out of your life forever. As children, many of us lived for our summer vacation. With warm weather and the long school holiday came freedom, opportunities, a change of pace, and even adventure. … This is what a summer vacation should still mean. The day we lose the love and anticipation of summertime, we stop being young or even young at heart.

Ensuring your summer vacation experience boils down to three simple things:

  • Grab it.
  • Make it.
  • Take it.

Vacations rarely fall into your lap. You have to carve out the time for them; you have to grab your summer vacation. Get in the scrum and scuffle with your coworkers so that you get your share of the prime vacation days this summer. If you work for yourself, block the time on your calendar and commit to it with the same seriousness you do any other important project—because vacation times is very important.

Once you have committed to your days, don’t let your summer vacation sneak up on you, with you unprepared. Make a plan for how you will enjoy your leisure time (and it can’t include cleaning the garage or painting the house). Plan a long trip, a series or short excursions, a tent under the stars or a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton holiday… just plan something.

Prepay for your holiday (timeshares and timeshare resale vacations make this an easy plan to implement) or at least pay a deposit on your summer vacation so that you have additional motivation to take it when it comes around. Tell your friends and family about your vacation plans so they will help you in anticipation and encourage you to keep your commitment to yourself. Make the plans, and make it easy to keep them.

When the time arrives for you to go on your summer vacation, there will be distractions. There will be last minute events or work projects that pop up, tempting you not to go or to cancel your plans. Don’t let anything within reason change your plan to take your summer vacation.  

Life is short; summers are even shorter. You will never again experience the summer of 2013—don’t let it slip by without paying tribute to it in all the ways you possibly can.