DAE Celebrates International Timeshare Appreciation Day

On Friday, timeshare exchange company and industry leader DAE celebrated International Timeshare Appreciation Day by sharing positive experiences from real timeshare owners.

DAE encouraged owners to share why they love their timeshare ownership and their favorite vacations through Facebook, as well as directly with DAE’s customer support team. DAE also encouraged businesses and members of the timeshare industry to get involved in Timeshare Appreciation Day.

“Timeshare owners and those that work in the industry know what fantastic vacation options are available through timeshare,” says Francis Taylor, CEO of DAE. “We are proud to be part of an industry that creates so many happy memories for so many people.”

Timeshare Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to shine a positive light on the timeshare industry and the advantages of vacation ownership. Whether you are a timeshare owner or work within the industry, it is a chance to show the world the benefits of timeshare.

Mr. Taylor states, “Timeshare has come such a long way in recent years – owners now have access to bonus weeks, exchanges, low cost rentals and other promotions, all adding value to their purchase.”

“For DAE, recognizing our involvement in such a vibrant and successful industry is cause for celebration. From a growing choice of destinations and exchange options around the world, to global best-practice and customer-focused service, we are and always will be in the business of sending people on the vacation of their dreams – what’s not to love about that!”

A few weeks ago, DAE re-launched their brand , moving away from its original company name, Dial An Exchange. The company feels that this re-brand has allowed the organization to evolve as the company continues to grow and expand.