Westgate Resorts Receives Wellness Award from Florida Hospital

Healthy 100 AwardWestgate Resorts announced in a press release that they have been awarded a Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Bronze Award. The award, presented by Florida Hospital is presented to companies that excel in promoting a healthy lifestyle for their employees. The Florida Hospital hopes that this will encourage both businesses and employees to enjoy becoming healthier, happier individuals.

Westgate Resorts COO Mark Waltrip shared, “Westgate Resorts is thrilled to receive the Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award. We strive to create a culture of wellness in our organization to make sure all of our team members live a long and healthy life.”

The Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness awards are granted in three categories: bronze, silver, and gold. Award categories are based upon the organization’s wellness practices and programs, with the gold award as the highest level. Recognized practices include the organization’s work to encourage healthier activities, employee nutrition, and an overall support of wellness culture. Westgate’s Bronze award shows that they making a great effort to encourage this culture to their employees. Recipients of the award are recognized for two years.

Florida Hospital Senior Vice President of Healthy 100, Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, “We are very excited to recognize Westgate Resorts for committing to creating a healthy atmosphere throughout their company. […]Workplace wellness is a marathon, not a sprint because it’s not an initiative; it is a long term commitment to the health of the employees. Championing the health of employees with programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle translates into increased morale, reduced absenteeism, increased employee productivity and an increase of the bottom line.”.

This year, a record breaking 101 recipients were granted with a Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award. Of the 101 awards given, there were 10 Gold Awards, 19 Silver Awards, and 72 Bronze Awards.

“Florida Hospital sees firsthand the impact a sedentary lifestyle can have on our community,” said Hertling. “We believe it is our duty to help inspire the community to make healthy lifestyle changes and live more productive lives.”.

To view the full list of this year’s recipients or to learn more about how your organization can support a healthy lifestyle, visit www.Healthy100Pilots.org.