DAE Facilitates Timeshare Ownership Awareness Seminars

Australia-based timeshare exchange company, DAE is working to teach timeshare owners how to use their current ownerships through a new timeshare Ownership Awareness program.

DAE is currently touring throughout Australia, offering awareness seminars to educate owners how to use their timeshare to their fullest potential.

DAE’s Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Gary Fog states, “These sessions are all about engaging timeshare members and their families — teaching them how to unlock the full potential of their holiday ownership”

Owners seem to share Fog’s excitement about this opportunity. So far, the organization has seen a great turnout to the events, and expects this response to continue through the rest of the tour. All five events had reached full capacity.

“It provides an opportunity for owners, Resort Manager and DAE to make owners aware of the developments within the timeshare industry; what improvements have happened at their own Resort, and what exchange services such as DAE offer,” says Fog.

There are twelve more sessions planned for the next few weeks, with the possibility of more dates added in the future.

Fog says, “No-one has walked away empty-handed — everyone has gained something valuable from the session, learning one or two or many new things that are available to them through their existing timeshare ownership. Most importantly, we are educating timeshare owners on how they can share their membership with their children and siblings.

“This not only adds value to the product they’ve purchased, it also ensures the industry can maintain its longevity, with the benefits of timeshare ownership flowing on to future generations. These informal sessions are all about education and enhancing the customer experience — the collaborative effort with Independent Resorts is an Australian first for the timeshare industry, and just one of the ways DAE is contributing to a stronger future for the industry.”

For our readers in Australia, you can register for an owner information session at http://ownerevent.net/.