Happy Thanksgiving from The Timeshare Authority and VacationOwnership.com

Happy Thanksgiving from VacationOwnership.comFor many, Thanksgiving is a day spent with your family and loved ones — and usually that means traveling.

I, like many Americans, plan to travel during Thanksgiving weekend. As the roads (and the weather) will be a bit more chaotic, it is helpful to think ahead and be prepared. Here are some travel tips to help you and your family travel safely and smoothly.

For those traveling by car:

•Check gas prices by using Apps such as Fuel Finder or the freeGas Buddy.
•Consider purchasing a car rental if you need more space or if your car cannot drive safely in the snow.
•Be aware of traffic conditions. Most GPS systems can show you the best routes to take, but you can always use Apps such as Sigalert or Waze Social GPS.
•Pack healthy snacks and drinks for the car, especially for long trips. But save room for dinner!
•To plan your rest stops in advance (or to find the restaurant you’re craving), Road Ninja will be your go— to app. It can show you upcoming exits and the various food, gas, and lodging options available up to hundreds of miles away from the exit.

For those traveling by plane:

Make your ID & Passport the first thing you pack. Don’t learn this mistake the hard way and miss your flight!
•Pack a small carry— on with toiletries/necessities, even if you don’t think that you need one. As one of the busiest travel days of the year, bags are more likely to get lost in the shuffle.
•Check to see if your airline will allow you to check in early and print boarding passes at home.
•If you need to park at the airport, use iCarPark to remember where to find your car when you return. No one wants to spend 20 minutes circling the parking garage trying to hear your car alarm.
•If you need to eat or pick up a magazine, use apps like Gate Guru to find your way around the airport. If you have multiple flights, you can plan ahead by adding various trips.
•Bring activities, especially for kids; wait times may be longer than normal.

From all of us at VacationOwnership.com, we wish you and your family a safe, relaxing, and happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.