Classic Holidays Work Experience Program

The Australian travel company, Classic Holidays believes their new “Work Inspiration” program to be a great success. The program, rolled out in early November, allowed students from Varsity College in Australia to experience working in the hospitality industry.

The students participated in various activities across three business areas of the Classic Holiday organization. Both students and the Classic Holiday staff felt the program to be a rewarding experience, and both parties plan to participate in the event again next year.

Program Coordinator and Sandy Point Resort Manager, Julia Whitton said, “We are so thrilled to have introduced this program at Classic Holidays, to provide such a practical, meaningful opportunity for local high school students. The Work Inspiration program has opened these students’ minds to the career possibilities that are out there. It has also developed their confidence and communication skills to a level that would not be achieved by any other work experience program.

“This program is unique, it’s personalized, it’s interactive and fun – the students absolutely loved it and everyone involved at Classic Holidays gained so much out of it as well.”

Held at Classic Holiday’s corporate office, the two-day “Work Inspiration” program allowed twelve students to work with Classic Holiday mentors, to shadow their daily activities and work with them one-on-one.

Additional programs were also held at the Classic Holiday’s Sand Point, Surfers Royale, and Golden Shores Resorts. These programs allowed students to learn about careers in guest services, as well as resort and grounds management.

Varsity College’s Industry Liaison, Linda Dallas shared, “It has been terrific. It’s so refreshing to have a company that actually wants to take the kids on with a structured work placement program. The level of support the students received was fantastic. Classic’s staff mentors took the time to get to know the kids, gain their trust and assist them to feel comfortable so they could ask questions and have a go.

“Our students who were involved with Grounds projects at the Resorts got a real sense of accomplishment in starting and finishing a project. They realized what they could achieve – to us that is the best outcome of all.”

After completing the “Work Inspiration” program, many students have reached out the Classic Holidays and applied for student internships. Students near their graduation date have also applied for part-time and full-time positions.

Ms. Whitton replied, ““From the feedback we got from students, 100% agreed or strongly agreed that Work Inspiration at Classic Holidays has helped them think about what they want in a career, and 100% agreed that Classic Holidays is somewhere they would like to work one day.”