Festiva Development Group Acquires KGI Resorts

This week the Festiva Development Group has added two resorts from Kosmas Group International (KGI Resorts) to its list of timeshare properties. Through the acquisition of KGI Resorts and its companies, Festiva will also be adding 15,000 timeshare owners, 1,100 intervals, and 200 staff members to its growing list of assets.

The new resorts included in this package include the popular Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II in Kissimmee, FL and Coconut Palms Beach Resort II in New Smyrna Beach, FL. With the addition of these resorts, there will now be five Festiva Timeshares in Florida.

Through KGI Resorts’ subsidiary companies, Festiva Development Group will also gain the Orlando-based travel agency E Tour & Travel. In 2012, E Tour & Travel helped over 20,000 to make hotel and travel reservations.

Festiva Development Group President Butch Patrick said, “The acquisition of KGI greatly enhances our ability to generate future growth due to their superb marketing operation and the variety of services they provide. This has the opportunity to greatly impact our company’s trajectory, particularly with KGI’s Lance Croft joining Festiva Development Group as our senior vice president of marketing. “

“The initial integration has gone extremely well and the assimilation will be complete in early 2014,” Patrick added. “We are excited to focus on executing the strengths of the combined companies to provide all of our members and guests with their fondest vacation memories.”

To further increase their presence in the sunshine state, Festiva Development Group will also move its corporate headquarters from Asheville, NC to Orlando, FL. However, Festiva still plans to maintain their office in Asheville as a secondary location. For more information please visit www.festiva.travel .