Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. Launches New Ritz Kids Program

Ritz KidsThe Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C., has unveiled their new kids program, Ritz Kids. This supervised children’s program for ages 4-12 is a great opportunity for children to have their own experience while staying at the Ritz Carlton.

Available at every Ritz Carlton Hotel and Resort, Ritz Kids creates an engaging experience where children can explore the world through travel. Ritz-Carlton has partnered with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society to create not only a fun, but educational program. Through this new partnership, Cousteau and his Society have created “Eco-Fun” themed content for the Ritz Kids program. These particular programs feature environmentally focused games and activities.

The Ritz-Carlton hopes to go beyond providing immediate entertainment for their guest’s children, but to create memories that last a lifetime. When Parents drop their kids off at the Ritz Kids center, they will not only feel safe leaving their kids with program staff members, but know that they will have a great time. Parents can also appreciate the educational and environmental awareness aspects of the program.

President and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Herve Humler said, “We are very excited to continue our highly successful relationship with a unique individual whose entire life has been spent dedicated to preservation of the environment, with particular attention to marine conservation and education.”

At the larger Ritz-Carlton Resorts, children can enjoy high-energy physical activities, while those guests staying at smaller, urban hotels will have a more creative and imaginative experience.

Made exclusively for Ritz Kids by the Ocean Future Society, each activity will incorporate environmental knowledge to educate children about their surroundings.

Jean-Michel Cousteau shared,

“The fun and exciting activities appeal to a child’s innate love of discovery and sense of curiosity. All kids start out as scientists, constantly asking ‘Why? What’s that? How does it work?’ I have spent my life exploring the natural wonders of the world, seeking to understand how our planet works and how we can better protect it. Ritz Kids is offering something no other hotel company has before – globally consistent, immersive programming that builds upon the adventures of travel your child will always treasure. These experiences will be remembered long after their stay.”

The Ocean programming content is based on four key points:

  • Water — Highlighting the significance of health and sea life.
  • Land — Promoting exploration, discovery, and examination.
  • Environmental Responsibility — Encouraging environmental awareness and the protection of our planet.
  • Culture — Introducing the children to new customs including: art, music, cuisine, and history.

The programming is designed to promote exposure to new ideas and cultures. Whether the children stay at a Ritz Carlton Club in Jupiter, FL or a Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kazakhstan, they’re bound to learn something new. Some resorts, such as the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, will even feature excursion programs with environmental tours led by experts.

With a name like Ritz-Carlton, of course the children will experience only the finest quality service. With Ritz Kids, even guests 4-12 can expect a luxury experience at the resorts.

For more information on Ritz Kids visit http://www.ritzcarlton.com/.