New Study Shows Americans Are Not Using “Vacation Time” to go on Vacation

Americans need vacations more than ever. As work hours increase and schedules are completely booked, time off from the daily routine is essential. Vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate. However, in 2014 many Americans are using this time to simply catch up.

A recent study conducted in Ocean City, Maryland showed that residents are using vacation time to run errands, attend doctors’ appointments, and make home improvements. Results had shown that up to 70% of participants are using at least some vacation time on these activities.

Compared to most workers around the globe, Americans statistically receive the least amount of paid time off from work. The fact that they are using this small amount of time to attend appointments, rather than relax, can only result in a more stress.

Ocean City, MD mayor Rick Meehan commented, “We have discovered the public is using vacation days for activities like doctor appointments or home improvement projects instead of leisure and fun. Now, more than ever, people need to put the vacation back into their vacation days, and we hope they consider visiting our beautiful beach town this spring and summer.”

Results had shown that 30% of residents polled took time off work to schedule appointments with maintenance workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.), while 16% spent their time doing house work.

“The American idea of a vacation day is in need of a serious makeover,” continued Meehan. invites you to use your vacation time to actually take a vacation. While many timeshare owners are using their annual week, there are still many Americans who are not. With the timeshare resale market, it’s easier than ever to purchase a timeshare and take affordable yearly vacations.

For those unsure about making the switch to vacation ownership, we suggest a timeshare rental. Even if you can only take a weekend away, it’ll be worth it!

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