Auberge Resorts Introduces New Resort in Napa Valley

Auberge Resorts, the luxury resort and residence club, has introduced their latest project, the VieVage resort in Napa Valley.

The VieVage Napa Valley resort will be developed as a new concept to promote wellness and sustainability. The resort will combine luxury accommodations with locally sourced food, fitness, and wellness programs.

CEO of Auberge Resorts Craig Reid shared,

“Travelers today are seeking an experience that is creatively designed yet simple; relaxing yet social; regional yet timeless. With VieVage, we will build on the successes of Auberge Resorts’ other unique hotels, resorts and residences to offer a product that is fresh and appealing for a broad variety of guests and a hospitality model that works in a variety of settings. It will be adaptable to resort and urban locations and residences, and it will complement our current hotels in select markets. We’re delighted to introduce both a new brand and a new chapter for Auberge Resorts.”

The VieVage resort will sit on 95 acres of the Stanly Ranch, a historic vineyard in Napa Valley. The resort will be surrounded by picturesque vineyards, hills, and the Mayacamas Mountains.

The 110 guest rooms will feature a modernized, cottage décor. The cottages will surround a “commons” area with a bakery, winery, bar, and meeting spaces. The resort also offers a great selection of outdoor gathering spaces. Fire pits, barbeque grills, and bocce ball will be scattered around the resort. On occasion the resort will even feature outdoor concerts.

Founder and Managing Partner, of Auberge Resorts, Mark Harmon said,

“I am excited by this new concept and what it will bring not only to Napa Valley, but also to the hotel industry. VieVage will bring together the best of what we do with a beautiful simplicity and understated luxury. This concept will be social, fun, approachable, and it will celebrate the romance of connecting with family and friends. We have brought together an amazing team of partners to help us realize our vision. We look forward to introducing Auberge hospitality to a new generation of guests.”

Auberge will break ground on the VieVage resort in 2015. The resort is expected to open in 2017.