New Westgate Las Vegas Will Combine Luxury Hotel & Timeshare Resort

Westgate Las Vegas Resort

David Siegel and the team at Westgate Resorts have big plans for the newly acquired Westgate Las Vegas resort.

As mentioned previously, last week Westgate Resorts purchased the former Las Vegas Hilton (LVH) for an estimated $180 Million. Siegel will not confirm the exact purchase price, but claims that they will spend much more than that on upgrades and renovations.
He plans to restore the resort to its original Las Vegas glamour. He fondly remembers visiting the resort back when Elvis and Liberace performed there.

Through renovations, Siegel plans to expand the main showroom (where Elvis played), upgrade the spa, and renovate the Sportsbook. Westgate Resorts also plans to add three restaurants to the hotel: an Italian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, and their signature Edge Steakhouse.

Rather than limit the resort to just Westgate members, they plan to make this resort a Hotel/Timeshare hybrid. Unlike most Westgate properties, the Westgate Las Vegas will be open to all travelers. Between timeshare and hotel reservations, Siegel expects that they will generate $200 Million to $300 Million in sales within the first year.

Founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, David Siegel said, “I’ve never had primarily a hotel that we converted part of it to a timeshare. It will be hybrid. It’s important that people know that it’s a hotel and timeshare coexisting under the same roof, not a timeshare by itself. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, God, it’s a timeshare, we can’t book a room there.’ This is going to remain a luxury hotel with a timeshare component.”

All the bedrooms within the hotel will be upgraded and redecorated, with 100 of those becoming timeshare units. In fact, Westgate has already started on renovations since they purchased the resort on July 1st. The updated resort will offer the traditional one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, as well as a few six-bedroom suites.

Although the resort includes a casino, Westgate Resorts does not have the licensing to run it. Currently, they are working with the existing management company, the Navegante Group, to handle that end of the business.

Stay tuned to to learn more about the new Westgate Las Vegas.