DAE South Africa Increases Membership by 82%

In the past year, DAE South Africa, the regional base for the timeshare exchange company, has experienced enormous growth. Since introducing the company’s “award-winning customer service” to South Africa, the regional branch has greatly exceeded DAE’s expectations, especially when it comes to membership numbers.

Compared to last year, in the first six months of 2014 DAE South Africa has increased membership by 82%. As for timeshare exchange rates, DAE South Africa has increased the number of deposited weeks by 136%.

Head of DAE South Africa, Paul Edkins shares, “DAE South Africa has continued to experience phenomenal growth since opening our doors to the South African timeshare market in 2007. Membership growth has been driven by our Resort Registration Program, where members can learn about DAE’s award-winning products and services, and join DAE’s free exchange program at their own timeshare resort.”

One particular way that DAE South Africa has increased their membership is by working directly with their affiliated resorts. By promoting their product to resort employees and sales offices, they can better explain DAE’s benefits to their owners.

Edkin continues, “Resale agents and sales offices across South Africa are increasingly partnering with us as a flexible, service-oriented exchange provider. With DAE’s simple and affordable exchange platform [we’re] adding great value to their sales offering and it’s the members who are happiest of all with the benefits of joining the world’s leading exchange provider – not least of which being our unbeatable customer service.”

To learn more about DAE, visit their website DAELive.com.