DAE Europe Presents the Welcome Home Campaign

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This week DAE Europe introduced a new Welcome Hone campaign. The Welcome Home program is an email campaign used to improve customer satisfaction.

Shortly after a member returns from a trip booked through DAE’s timeshare exchange program they will receive an email. This email will not only welcome a guest back home, but allow them to provide feedback on their experience.
The regional branch of the timeshare exchange company invites members to participate in this new campaign and help improve the brand and their ability to provide a phenomenal vacation experience.

Managing Director of DAE Europe Oliver Green said,

“DAE has always offered a wide range of holiday opportunities across the UK and Europe, with simple week to week exchange available from beachfront to mountainside, and luxurious to rustic. There is a variety of experiences to suit everyone, which is why DAE does not grade resorts; rather, we let our members who experience the holiday first hand provide their honest reviews.”

Members can provide a written review of their trip or answer questions to rate their experience. Guests can provide a review for the following categories:

  • Hospitality and courteousness of the resort staff
  • Cleanliness and upkeep of the facilities including lobby, pool areas, and restaurants
  • Unit qualities including furnishings, appliances, and cleanliness

The Welcome Home campaign is just another way that DAE works to provide award-winning customer service.
Green continued,

“Now as part of a new customer service initiative, every returning DAE guest will receive a ‘Welcome Home’ email asking them all about their holiday and encouraging them to submit feedback on their resort experience. It’s a way for us to improve our customer service with returning members, and to gather useful data from members sharing their experiences for the benefit of future exchange guests. If there is anything we can do to help enhance the holiday experiences of current and future DAE members, we would love to hear about it and work with resorts to make it happen.”

To learn more, please visit DAELive.com.