DAE Partners with Charity Organization Youngcare

Today, the popular timeshare exchange company, DAE, announced that they will partner with the charity organization Youngcare to support Australians with special needs.

Youngcare is an Australian-based organization that helps people under age 65 who require assisted living. Currently there are over 7,000 young Australians living in senior centers, simply because there is no alternative. Youngcare is working to promote awareness for their cause and to help these individuals live with people their own age.

DAE has offered to help Youngcare through a Spare Change initiative. Through this program, DAE-affiliated resorts will place envelopes in their guest rooms, and politely suggest that guests donate their spare change to Youngcare. Guests are encouraged to donate any amount, in any currency, even if it is only a few cents.

CEO of DAE Francis Taylor said,

“Through the Spare Change Initiative, we’ll be increasing awareness of the important work of Youngcare through our DAE exchange Resorts around Australia. DAE has actively supported Youngcare for several years through fundraising at Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) events.

This new initiative will build a direct partnership between DAE and Youngcare, so that our efforts in supporting their worthy cause can be magnified. As a company that is devoted to giving our members the freedom to choose where in the world they want to go on their next holiday, we believe wholeheartedly that young people deserve to live life with choice, independence and dignity.”

Youngcare is extremely excited for this new partnership with DAE. Youngcare CEO Samantha Kennerley personally thanked DAE for their continued support and dedication to this important cause.

Kennerley shared,

“Youngcare is proud to partner with DAE, in our efforts to support young people between the ages of 18 to 65 still living at home at risk of entering aged care through the At Home Care Grants program. “Every Youngcare At Home Care Grants round has been drastically oversubscribed, highlighting the enormous need that exists for better choice in care and accommodation for young Aussies with high care needs. Every cent makes all the difference between being forced into aged care or being able to remain at home with family or loved ones.”

To learn more about DAE affiliated resorts and the Spare Change initiative, visit DAELive.com.