DAE Rebrand Fosters Company Growth

dial an exchange

It’s been a year since the vacation exchange provider Dial An Exchange rebranded to DAE. Since then, DAE has experienced substantial company growth.

DAE, which began as a small company, has developed into a global organization. They operate offices in 12 countries including: USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Bulgaria, India, Thailand, Egypt, and South Africa. Over the past year, this organization has grown their regional programs with more opportunities for both resorts and members.

DAE CEO Francis Taylor stated that the blend of the company’s new look, plus continued focus on consumers let to the organizations best year since its founding. Taylor shared, “Rebranding DAE globally was a major undertaking, but one that has greatly benefited our members and our organization moving forward.”

Before the rebranding, consumers were sometimes confused by the company’s different divisions. Instead of sharing a single brand, some divisions held a different brand name or title. Often, consumers did not realize that these divisions were actually one company. Taylor continued,

“Since commencing in 1997 as Dial An Exchange, our business expanded across the globe and members in various territories knew us as anything from Dial to daelive – yet it was the same free membership, the same legendary service and the same great exchange platform all over the world. Moving to a single global brand in October 2013 was a consolidating effort to bring all that under one banner, and the results were invigorating. The volume of transactions and revenue soared in the following months – an indication of the overwhelming response to DAE’s stronger market presence.”

Taylor feels that while customers were pleased with the rebranding, industry partners also gave the company positive feedback. A great portion of this feedback came from the company’s redesigned website, DAELive.com. Positive feedback isn’t the only results the company is seeing from the website. Since last year, the website has seen an increase in visitors by an average of 10% per month.

“Transitioning to a new website and overhauling all of our online systems presented some challenges, but the results achieved were beyond expectations. Visits to the www.daelive.com website increased by 8% globally in the first month post-launch, and continued to rise by approximately 10% per month. We’ve seen a real shift to online, and our new website puts us in a position to provide event greater service levels to our member community. Importantly, the website retained a navigational structure that our loyal members would be comfortable transacting with, while providing a fresh new look and features that appeal to a more tech-savvy market of younger timeshare owners.”

Over the past year, DAE also made some big changes to a few of their corporate offices. They opened a new office in Egypt, relocated their USA office to Phoenix, Arizona, and opened DAE Travel in New Zealand and Australia.

“It has been a fantastic 12 months for our organization,” said Taylor. “It’s a big job, but we’re extremely proud of the way the new DAE reflects what an innovative and modern company we are.”

To learn more about DAE, visit DAELive.com.