RCI Adds 11 New Properties in Turkey

timeshare in turkey

Since the beginning of 2014, RCI has welcomed 11 new affiliated properties in Turkey.

As the largest timeshare exchange company in the world, RCI is already affiliated with over 4,500 properties. Although they have many resorts in popular destinations such as Orlando and Cabo San Lucas, they have recently made an effort to include more exotic locations. With the addition of these Turkish resorts, RCI members now have more options than ever before.

RCI affiliate manager in Turkey, Ali Egilmez shared,

“We are delighted to have welcomed 11 more resorts to our exchange network in Turkey this year, growing RCI’s network in the country to a total of 60 affiliated resorts. Turkey is a real growth area for the hospitality sector in the East, and it continues to attract increasing numbers of inbound visitors. Choice is the advantage that lies at the heart of the timeshare ownership value proposition and we are pleased that so many resort developers in Turkey recognize the benefits of timeshare operation as a business model and continue to strengthen our industry with each new affiliation.”

Newly added RCI timeshares in Turkey include:

  • Akropol Resort & Spa
  • Akropol Thermal
  • Aklandia Bodrum Resort
  • Elysium Vacation Club Taksim
  • Erzin Isos Thermal
  • Hayitli Merada Thermal
  • Hitit Ayas Thermas
  • Modern Saraylar
  • Premium Vacation Club 5 Hotel Istanbul
  • Silver Palace Thalasso Spa
  • Yalova Thermal Palace

In 2013, Turkey received 35 million visitors and is one of the world’s fastest-growing vacation destinations. You may not know this, but Turkey actually offers many diverse travel options.

Located off the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is a popular destination for cruises and luxury yachts. Many travelers visit Turkey during the summer to soak up the sun on their hundreds of beaches along the coast.

In the winter, you can experience a completely different kind of holiday. Turkey offers over 30 parks for skiing and snowboarding. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach retreat or an exhilarating winter trip, consider Turkey for your next vacation.

Turkey’s tourism industry also provides a great selection of spa and wellness treatments. They are best known for their thermal spa treatments including hot springs, mud baths, and thermomineral baths. With how popular these treatments are, RCI has created a special program for travelers to experience this aspect of Turkish culture.