Baby Owls Found at Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort

Horned Owl

For the third consecutive year, Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort welcomes a new baby owl! The resort found a nest of Great Horned Owls on the top of their roof, located between two roof pitches.

To allow employees and guests to view the owls, Wyndham has provided a webcam to observe a live feed of the baby and its’ mother. Although the nest is in a tight spot, Wyndham made sure that everyone would be able to see the owls.

Canoa Ranch Resort General Manager, Brian Wright, shared, “It took about two weeks to situate the camera just right so it would capture the nest.”

The owl hatched about two months ago and should not be ready to leave the nest until June. Unfortunately, this was the only hatching of three eggs to survive. In the future, Wright hopes to find the owls a safer place to nest. For now, the resort is working hard to make the owls as comfortable as possible. They’ve even tinted the windows near the nest so that guests will not disturb them.

“I am really trying to accommodate these lovely birds as best as possible so that we provide them with a safe breeding habitat for years to come,” Wright said.

As owls are nocturnal, you can view the birds at almost any time. In fact, the resort finds that the feed gets even more interesting after dark.

Wright continues, “We saw them catch a rabbit one night and carry it up; sometimes we seen them fighting mid-air with the crows in the area.”

Although you cannot see him on the webcam, papa-owl can also be found around the resort. When he is not hunting, he can be seen in a nearby tree. An owl that hatched last year, as well as another from 2013, can also be seen throughout the resort’s property.

“There’s so much bird-watching around here, we’re trying to capitalize on this as a bird-watching area and need to let people know about it,” said Wright.

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