Former Timeshare Employees Found Guilty of Fraud

timeshare fraud

Earlier this month, two former employees of The Vacation Ownership Group LLC (VO Group) were found guilty and sentenced to prison in New Jersey on fraud charges.

The defendants both testified that as new hires of the VO Group, they received training by the same employee to call customers and lie to them about working for a bank or lending institution and having a “complaint file” on the customer in their possession. They would then convince the customers to send checks to the VO Group to reconcile the alleged complaint. Together, the defendants admitted to causing over $190,000 in losses.

Both of the former employees also admitted to a separate scheme to defraud the state unemployment system by collecting unemployment compensation benefits while actually being employed at the VO Group.

It is important to note that this company is in no way affiliated with another timeshare company with a similar name—, LLC., LLC is legitimate privately held timeshare company with offices in Exeter, New Hampshire and Orlando, Florida. Their official website is

An important piece of advice to all timeshare owners is to do your own research when receiving calls from anyone requesting payment from you, and become informed on the types of timeshare resale scams commonly used on owners. Consider this a public service announcement—we would never want any of our readers to get defrauded in this (or any) type of scam.