staySky® Vacation Clubs Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

For the second year in a row, staySky® Vacation Clubs has received some top rankings and recognitions for their family-friendly hotel experiences. Starting in June 2014, staySky has offered a points-based membership program allowing owners more flexibility to vacation.

staySky offers three different points packages for members:

The staySky Vacation Club is the traditional vacation club program. The points-based membership program provides comfortable accommodations at staySky locations, exchange options with Interval International, and a multitude of benefits and uses for staySky Escapes.

staySky Vacation Membership Club is similar but also includes an opt-out feature which allows members the ability to discontinue their Membership at any point if they need to.

staySky Explorer provides owners the ability to experience the benefits of staySky Vacation Club’s over an 18 month timeframe. Choose a full week stay at one of the staySky Hotels and Resorts locations, gain access to car rentals, cruises, and the number of benefits offered in the other staySky programs.

“The flexibility and choice that staySky® Vacation Clubs offers is one of the primary reasons for our success in these first two years, alongside our commitment to quality and service” says Jack Chevrier, president, staySky® Vacation Clubs.

staySky was recognized by Florida Governor Rick Scott as one of Central Florida’s powerful employment growth entities, and the Orlando Sentinel ranked staySky as one of the top 100 companies for working families.

If you’d like to learn more about staySky Vacation Clubs, please visit their website.