ARC Resorts Property Makes Quick Comeback After Hurricane

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Hurricane Matthew proved to be an incredibly powerful and destructive storm last October, damaging buildings and infrastructure all along the South’s Atlantic Coast. One resort in particular, ARC Resorts’ Americano Beach Resort, sustained heavy damage during the storm. However, after a remarkably quick cleanup and restoration, the resort is ready to open its doors to guests once again.

Acquired by ARC Resorts back in February, the Americano Beach Resort is one of Daytona Beach’s largest timeshare properties. The resort contains 198 timeshare suites, as well as a swimming area and beach bar. When the storm hit, the resort’s beachfront location caused it to absorb a great deal of damage from storm surges and high winds. However, thanks to partnerships with property restoration companies and a team of engineers and contractors, the resort was able to open its doors to guests in less than three weeks.

The damage started with the storm surge from the ocean, flooding the nearby Beachside Tiki Bar. After the sea wall gave way, water was able to flood the resort’s grounds and invade lower level units. Wind did heavy damage to the resort’s roof and windows as well, allowing more rainwater to seep into the structure. Normally, damages like these would mean certain maintenance fee increases for owners, but ARC Resorts was prepared. Because of an additional hazard insurance clause in their coverage, timeshare owners at the resort dodged any excessive fees.

Greg Mafcher, director of resort operations in Florida for ARC, said:

“While adequate preparation is essential, the focus and organization of the team during the initial recovery efforts was the key to an expeditious and smooth return to normal operations.”

While there is still damage to restore at the Americano Beach Resort, the bulk of the hazardous damages have been remedied. Quick thinking and preparation on the resort’s end ensured the property would be back up and running in little time. Timeshare owners at the Americano can now enjoy their Daytona Beach accommodations once more.

For more information on ARC Resorts or the Americano Beach Resort, visit their official site.