Royal Holiday Vacation Fights Poverty with Royal Holiday Foundation

royal holiday vacation club

Royal Holiday Vacation Club continues to fight for underprivileged children through their charity known as the Royal Holiday Foundation. This foundation allows children to experience and enjoy a vacation they would otherwise be unable to afford.

First launched in 2014, the Royal Holiday Foundation offers week-long camps in conjunction with Colonias de Vacaciones. These camps give children a life-changing experience through a vacation away from their day to day lives. The first was held back in December 2014 in Tenancingo Hidalgo with 87 children in attendance.

The second Royal Holiday Foundation camp was held in 2016 and 130 children were able to participate. Since its launch, 480 children have been able to enjoy camping vacations in Tenancingo, Hidalgo.

The director of the Royal Holiday Foundation, Concha León Portilla, commented:

“It’s a pleasure to work with Colonias de Vacaciones. It’s about helping fulfill the dream that many underprivileged kids have of experiencing a vacation. After seeing the first camp’s success, we felt like treating 130 children to a vacation, probably the only one they have taken in their life.”

The goal of the Royal Holiday Foundation is to grow its sponsorship to 1,300 per year so that they can provide 6,000 people with their first ever vacation experience over a five year time span.

If you wish to contribute, donations can be made to this wonderful cause on their foundation website.