RTX Commits to Community in Charitable Giving Plan for 2017


Timeshare exchange company Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX) has decided to increase their efforts and involvement in quarterly charitable goals after an incredible impactful and successful year with their new Charitable Giving plan.

RTX is known for their involvement in the local community and wants to further their engagement through acts of corporate social responsibility. By revamping their Charitable Giving Plan, employees will work with a new organization four times a year. Previously, they have volunteered their time at sponsored events and contributed to a wide selection of organizations. This revamped plan will further develop their reach in the community.

RTX’s contributions directly affect the community where their employees live and work, and as such, RTX will be looking for direct feedback on local events and more ideas for different causes to support. RTX will allow employees to nominate and vote on a local charities to sponsor or fundraise for each quarter.

To further encourage employee involvement in giving back, RTX pays up to four hours of volunteer time every three months. This is just an added bonus, as employees are always very enthusiastic and willing to collaborate with RTX and the community. This is a testament to the company’s pro-active nature in using employee challenges to improve morale while simultaneously volunteering and giving back.

Learn more about RTX on their official website.