Alan B. Levan Appointed Chairman of Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Corporation announced today that Alan B. Levan has been appointed for the role of Chairman of Bluegreen Corporation.

Currently, Alan B. Levan acts as the Chairman and CEO of BBX Capital Corporation, formerly known as BFC Financial Corporation. Levan was formerly the Chairman of Bluegreen Corporation.

Over his 40+ year career in the industry, Levan has served as Chairman of four New York Stock Exchange listed companies and has been a driving force in raising more than $2 billion in debt and equity. At the age of 27, he founded IRE Financial in 1971. The company served as the predecessor to BBX Capital Corporation, and over the decade, raised hundreds of millions of dollars and developed a portfolio of real estate national exceeding $1.5 billion in value.

Levan was the mastermind behind the acquisition and development of several master-planned communities including tens of thousands of square feet of commercial space, shopping centers, and homes. He acquired control of BankAtlantic in 1984 and built the company into a 100-branch, $6 billion Florida Banking franchise and later led its sale to BB&T. Levan served as the director of Benihana, Inc’, and managed the sale of the company. Benihana’s stocks grew from $2.00 per share to $16.30 per share.

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