staySky Vacation Clubs Launches Biennial Program

staySky® Vacation Clubs has just launched their latest product that works towards offering vacation options for every kind of lifestyle with their new biennial program. The program is called staySky® Vacation Clubs Flex and it allows members the chance to travel every other year rather than annually.

“Our goal at staySky® is to make sure our members have the vacation experience they deserve, as well as to provide the same opportunity for all future staySky® members,” explains Randy Steinbeck of staySky® Vacation Club. “The different levels of membership staySky® offers is meant to assure that everyone can relax and travel. Introducing the new biennial program allows us to reach a greater audience of adventurers.”

Annual membership can be costly, and the staySky® Vacation Clubs Flex is geared towards those who want to participate in timeshare ownership but might not want to travel every year. Additionally, the cost is significantly reduced for this biennial program and members will not have to pay maintenance fees annually.

staySky® Vacation Clubs Flex members have the option to either pay 50% of the association maintenance fee each year or 100% of the fee every two years. This program also offered all of the same benefits of staySky® Escapes during each year of ownership.

The company has also won countless awards for their other membership services. staySky® Vacation Club features three tiers of products to ensure there is something for everyone. You can learn more about their services on their official website.