RCI Points Program Launches at Asia Resorts


The RCI Points program, a popular and convenient way to exchange timeshares through Resort Condominiums International, is coming to the network’s affiliated resorts in Asia. Beginning immediately, RCI Asia resorts will have the option to offer points-based exchange options for owners and members instead of the traditional weeks-based option.

Traditionally, owners at RCI Asia resorts and members elsewhere seeking to exchange at an Asian property have had to rely on RCI weeks exchange to trade their timeshare. However, the addition of the RCI Points program is part of a continued global expansion by the exchange giant to transform the timeshare exchange industry.

First launched in 2000, RCI Points is the largest points-based exchange program in the world. RCI members can take advantage of flexible exchange options using their points to discover new experiences and vacations across the globe. Each vacation ownership is given a specific points value that varies on individual basis. With these points, members can more easily explore alternative vacation options.

RCI members at Asia resorts can now take advantage of benefits exclusive to points-based memberships, like banking and borrowing points, splitting up vacations into several smaller getaways, and even book cruises for an entirely new vacation experience. The best benefit of all, however, is the flexibility to customize accommodation options like unit size and room type with each exchange.

Jonathan Mills, managing director for RCI Asia Pacific, said the RCI Points program in Asia will bring more benefits and options to members:

“RCI Points has been a tremendous success since its launch in the U.S. in 2000, and has proven to be the most flexible and rewarding vacation exchange program in the market today. As RCI continues to expand its presence in Asia, we are confident that RCI Points will provide more benefits and options to our affiliates in the region and meet the changing needs of consumers today.”

For more information on RCI Points and affiliated resorts around Asia, visit RCI’s official website.