GNEX 2018 Conference Introduces X-Talks for Miami Event

GNEX 2018 conference

The Global Networking Experience, known as the GNEX Conference, works to attract senior executives to different locations annually for business-making sessions in a professional environment with general presentations and other wonderful social events. 2018 will be the 8th annual GNEX Conference.

The innovative GNEX Conference looks to try out a completely new format for their 8th year. In 2018, GNEX will debut “X-Talks.” The “X” stands for Xpert, Xperience, or Xcellence. The “X-Talks” will replace the hour-long Q&A Panel sessions and offer a solo speaker 10-minute experience. Each speaker will be an Xpert in their topic, giving guests an information-packed session with valuable options, data, and insights. These bite-sized sessions also offer more time for networking and other scheduled meetings.

Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group, spoke more on the “X-Talk” format:

“The primary focus at GNEX is networking, and often attendees need to choose between general sessions and scheduled meetings. As part of our new format, we are creating a more flexible schedule for meetings, but at the same time offering highly valuable “X-Talk” content in 10 minute segments, making it much easier to attend just the ones that are of most interest.”

The two-day event will feature a wide selection of “X-Talks,” with two to four running at a time. They will feature topics central to the industry plus a variety of business management, sales and marketing, motivation, technology, and some gears towards the senior-level company executives.

GNEX 2018 will be held on the world’s first mega-yacht venue, the 228 foot SeaFair Grand Luxe with over 22,999 square feet of meeting space. The conference will offer a Keynote Speaker, Guest Speakers, planned Networking Sessions, Cocktail Houses, and two Social Events.

Sponsors of the GNEX Conference include DAE, Holiday Systems International, and INTUITION Brand Marketing. Learn more about this event on the GNEX official website.