El Cid Resorts Earn Prestigious RCI Awards

El Cid vacations club

Five El Cid resorts have been honored with the prestigious RCI Gold Crown awards, marking their excellence in hospitality and commitment to service. Recognized at RCI’s 2017 Awards ceremony, the El Cid Vacations Club has repeated their achievement and continues to prove their place alongside the best resorts in the world.

The five El Cid resorts which earned the Gold Crown distinction had to maintain a high standard for excellence in hospitality, superb accommodations, and favorable experiences and reviews among members. One of the key signifiers that RCI looks for when assigning Gold Crown ratings is the RCI Member Comment Cards, which serve as an outlet for RCI members to leave their opinions and reviews. El Cid’s reviews showed a commitment to the excellent vacation services they’ve continued to provide, leading them to the coveted Gold Crown award.

El Cid properties were also honored with the RCI Excellence in Service award, further demonstrating their achievements. The award is only given to three percent of RCI-affiliated properties, making the distinction an important one in the vacation ownership and timeshare exchange communities.

Curtis Knipe, the director of El Cid Vacations Club, expressed his excitement over the awards:

“Receiving the Gold Crown Award is very nice and we welcome it but that only places a resort in the top 25%. Having all of our resorts earn the Gold Crown status is a much bigger milestone to achieve. And, then combining it with the Excellence in Service Recognition at all El Cid Resorts is truly remarkable. We are very proud to have been honored in this way by RCI.”

For more information on the award-winning El Cid resorts, visit their official website.