Alliance Group Announces First RCI-Affiliated Resort in the Country of Georgia

RCI is a leading international, external timeshare exchange company and Alliance Group is proud to announce their newest affiliation at their Alliance Palace in Batumi, which brings the exchange company to the country of Georgia for the first time.

In recent years, Georgia has became to see a 720% increase in tourism as travelers have started to take interest in their many stunning landscapes and attractions. According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA), the country has experienced an over 4.7 million person growth in the tourism industry since 2011. The GNTA also reported that their revenues from tourism exceeded the US’s total of 2.5 billion in 2017.

These upward trends have led to the Alliance Palace’s affiliation with RCI. The first six of its 41 floors are currently operated by the Courtyard Marriott brand, while the remaining floors are luxury apartments. Its views of the Black Sea and proximity to many of the country’s hottest attractions make it the ideal place for many vacationers to stay. Now, these same timeshare owners have the opportunity to travel even further now that they have access to RCI’s more than 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries.

Alliance Group CEO Akaki Songulia was happy to discuss his interest in the shared vacation ownership market and the benefits RCI offers its customers:

“Working with RCI and bringing shared-vacation ownership with exchange into our product portfolio is the perfect complement to our group’s expansion into the wider leisure real estate sector. For me it’s the same thing that has been attracting RCI’s 3.8 million member families worldwide, and that is the concept of an affordable, flexible and high-quality vacation experience. Shared-vacation ownership is going to be an excellent promotional tool for tourism in our country.”

Director of Development, Russia & CIS, RCI & Wyndham Hotel Group Sergey Egorov had this to say about the affiliation:

“Domestic tourism is booming right now due to current political and economic conditions. This creates opportunity for us to focus on our domestic offering in the CIS. Our collaboration with the Alliance Group will benefit both its owners and RCI members, the latter now having a very different and exciting exchange option with the affiliation of Alliance Palace in Batumi.”

For more information on this affiliation or to learn more about external exchange, please visit RCI’s official website.