RCI to Update and Karma Group Launches Respective Vacation Apps

Both timeshare industry leaders RCI and Karma Group have announced updates or launches to their respective vacation apps. Vacationers and members of their organizations will find they can more thoroughly enjoy their travel experiences with all these apps have to offer.

RCI Timeshare App Update

Following user feedback and tracking, timeshare exchange trailblazer RCI has been able to make improvements to the existing RCI app which already allows members to access booking and rentals. Taking these suggestions and comments into consideration, RCI will be making a number of changes which include: an updated interface with easily readable information, resort reviews integrated into their designated details pages, Endless Vacation® video, article, events, and features access, and persistent login to make the searching process more seamless for its members.

Michael Curro, RCI Vice President of Global Ecommerce and Digital Marketing stated:

“That [feedback] insight really helped us shape our work this year. With the power of the mobile app as strong as RCI.com, members can effortlessly plan the vacations of their dreams right from their smartphone—wherever they are and whenever they’re ready. By always looking for ways to improve, RCI is dedicated to providing members the best possible mobile experience, and takes great pride in leading the way in vacation exchange app technology.”

Karma Group Launches New Vacation App

In addition to RCI’s updates, another vacation trendsetter has announced the launch of their app. Karma Group is an international travel and lifestyle brand with luxury resorts, retreats, estates, and spas in some of the most sought-after destinations around the world. Their new app is described as a personal, pocket concierge that allows you to browse and book at over 29 properties, find VIP access to various events and experiences, membership detail updates, exclusive discounts and offers, and live support with real-time chat features.

Chairman and Founder of Karma Group’s John Spence stated:

“Our new app allows our intrepid Karma guests access to everything Karma, wherever and whenever they like. We are committed to always improving the Karma experience for our guests, members and owners and now they can interact and engage directly with us at their leisure, from the palm of their hand.”

To learn more about RCI, please visit their official website. For those looking to explore the features of Karma Group’s timeshare app, please visit their official website.