to Appear on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

This upcoming Monday, June 4th, leading online timeshare reseller will be featured on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV. This morning show segment will highlight various kinds of timeshare ownership while debunking common timeshare myths.

Featured on the program will be’s Vice President of Marketing, Abigail Bradshaw. She will have the chance to sit down with host Olga Villaverde to talk all things timeshare and to give advice to prospective buyers, as well as owners looking to sell.

Bradshaw commented:

“Timeshares are a truly fantastic way to vacation. They combine the best aspects of owning your own vacation home with the features and amenities of staying at a luxury vacation resort. But there are still a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to what timeshares are, so we are happy to have the opportunity to educate viewers about how timeshare products work and how they can change the way you vacation for the better.” was established in 2003 and since then, has become the most active online marketplace for timeshare resales and rentals. A leader in the resale industry, works diligently to connect owners and prospective buyers and renters through advanced marketing techniques. As such, their family of websites receive over 5.5. Million yearly visits and process more than $254 million in purchase and rental offers annually.

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Tune in Monday, June 4th, at 7:30 AM (ET/PT) to catch For more information about and their many services, visit their website.