Hawaii Timeshare Occupancy Up 91.5% in Second Quarter

Hawaii Tourism

In the second quarter of 2018, Hawaii timeshare occupancy is up 1.6 percentage points, to 91.5 percent. This statistic was reported in the Hawaii Timeshare Quarterly Report for April-June 2018 in the September 19 issue, put out by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

For comparison, hotel properties across the islands had an average occupancy rate of 80.6 percent in the second quarter, up 1.3 percentage points.

Hawaii Tourism Authority tourism research directory Jennifer Chun commented:

“During a quarter that had worldwide media coverage of flooding on Kauai in April and lava covering homes and property on the island of Hawaii in May and June, timeshare owners were undeterred by these images and continued to come to Hawaii and stay in their timeshare properties. The increase in total timeshare occupancy was achieved even though inventory grew with hundreds of new units added to Hawaii’s mix in the second quarter of last year. Timeshare’s growth in units and occupancy rates did not seem to adversely affect demand for hotel stays. It’s noteworthy timeshare and hotel occupancy both grew at similar rates during the second quarter at a statewide level.”

Maui County timeshare properties were the leaders in Hawaii timeshare occupancy, with an average of 94.0 percent and up 2.0 percentage points from a year ago. Oahu timeshare properties had an average occupancy rate of 92.6 percent and Kauai timeshare properties had an average of 91.5 percent. The island of Hawaii had 84.0 percent occupancy in the second quarter. Oahu hotels were the leaders in occupancy across the four islands at 84.5 percent.

220,000 visitors stayed at a Hawaii timeshare resort for all or part of their vacation in the Hawaiian Islands during the second quarter. 78.3 percent of that number stayed exclusively at a timeshare resort while visiting Hawaii. Timeshare visitors represented 8.9 percent of Hawaii’s total visitor count during this time period.

Hawaii timeshare visitors had an average stay of 9.9 days. This was higher than the combined average length of stay for all visitors, which was 8.8 days.

Some other statistics from the second quarter include:

  • 54 percent of Hawaii timeshare owners were staying in their units
  • 20.2 percent of Hawaii timeshare visitors came through timeshare exchange
  • 17.3 percent of occupied rooms came through owners and exchangers staying beyond their allotted stay
  • 8.5 percent of rooms were used for marketing purposes

Learn more about the Hawaii Tourism Authority and their quarterly reports on their website.