Majority Shares in Alua Hotels & Resorts to be Purchased by Apple Leisure Group

The impressive growth of Alua Hotels & Resorts opening since 2015 has caught the eye of Apple Leisure Group (ALG), who has signed an agreement to purchase a majority share in this Spanish hotel chain. These Alua properties will be blended with Apple Leisure Group’s existing European division.

Following the purchase of Alua Hotels & Resorts, Apple Leisure Group will begin to implement the strategic agreements they have already signed, which will assist in the continued growth for both brands. This deal allows ALG’s American brand to break into the European market and other areas around the world.

Apple Leisure Group’s CEO Alex Zozaya stated:

“The addition of Alua Hotels & Resorts to Apple Leisure Group’s portfolio is a true testament to our strong commitment to growing our company footprint in Spain. This acquisition is just the beginning of ALG’s European expansion plans and future contributions to the market’s burgeoning tourism sector.”

With the goal to develop and establish a strong European presence in some of the continent’s most popular vacation areas, ALG will manage over 4,000 rooms in Spain. Alua Hotels & Resorts’ existing CEO Javier Aguila will assume the role of President and join the Executive Committee at Apple Leisure Group.

Aguila also spoke on this transition:

“This transaction represents the best possible close to Alua’s first chapter, and recognizes the excellent work done by our team, who have been a part of this journey since the brand was just an idea. We are tremendously enthusiastic about the opportunity to be part of a leading group in the sector, such as Apple Leisure Group, and become the platform to materialize their ambitious expansion plan in the European market. Without a doubt, the experience and leadership of ALG in the areas of distribution, brand development, and luxury resort brand management, together with the structure and work team of Alua, will give us a competitive advantage in reaching our strategic goals at both the national and global level.”

Apple Leisure Group’s Executive Vice President and CSO Javier Coll added:

“With this agreement, we take another step in our international growth strategy. Acquiring Alua Hotels & Resorts allows us to expand on the strategic agreement that we already have with Hesperia by giving us the ability to offer not only sales and branding services, but also operations management to both owners and investors, as we already do in the Americas. At the same time, we are adding a brand in a strategic segment for us, which we will work to grow in both the Americas and Europe.”

To learn more about Alua Hotels & Resorts and Apple Leisure Group, please visit their official website.