We Are Water Foundation and Diamond Resorts Partner to Launch Sustainable Water Usage Initiative at European Resorts

Diamond Resorts has officially announced their partnership with the We Are Water Foundation to launch an initiative that will encourage vacationers to make rational and sustainable uses of water while traveling.

Diamond Resorts will be educating members, owners, guests, and team members to make reasonable and sustainable use of water while at all of the brand’s European vacation properties. They will host programs aimed at informing people of their water usage and encouraging them to make simple changes. This will all be put on with help from We Are Water. Some basic changes that will be encouraged include reusing bath towels and limiting water usage within their accommodations. These small changes will have large impacts.

“It is an honour for us to form part of this strategic alliance with such an important partner as committed to the environment as Diamond Resorts”, explained Xavier Torras, the Director of the We Are Water Foundation, adding that “we are confident that, together, we will achieve a more sustainable use of water and expand the resources to ensure it reaches the people who have least and who need it most.”

Diamond Resorts has been making strides to reduce the travel industry’s impact on the Earth. All of the resorts in Europe feature Sustainability Ambassadors. They have to carry out various initiatives including educating guests on recycling at the property. Many of the Diamond Resorts properties also have sustainable gardens where team members grow herbs and vegetables to use at the resort.

Diamond Resorts is happy to have this partnership with We Are Water to further reaffirm their focus on changing the way resorts and vacationers use water. They are truly committed with reducing their footprint for a better future.

Learn more about Diamond Resorts and their other initiatives on their website.