Grand Pacific Resorts Raises $100,000 to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty


Grand Pacific Resorts hosted the 17th Annual RCI Christel House Open at Shadowridge Country Club in Vista, California. Recently, they proudly announced the fundraising numbers doubled over last year’s donation with a $100,000 total. These funds go to the Christel House International in an effort to #DriveOutPoverty.

Christel House gives kids a hand-up, not a handout, to break the cycle of poverty. They offer six “learning centers” in impoverished communities around the globe. The Mexico City location has a deep connection with the associates at Grand Pacific Resorts.

Ambassadors of Christel House were on-site at the fundraising tournament to share their stories. Christel House Academy interns and graduates were able to share the valuable services, skills, education, and guidance Christel House offers.

Intern Rosa, commented:

“Christel House provided me with education, healthcare, nutrition, and college and career guidance which compliments all the values that I learned there. A couple of years ago I read a quote that said, ‘What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education?’ and it had a profound impact on me. It made me realize that I could be that doctor, which is why I leaned on Christel House to help me get into medical school, where I am now finishing my second year.”

Grand Pacific Resorts was able to raise awareness for the event through ABC network affiliate, 10News. Generous donations came in from Fidelity National Timeshare and Welk Resorts, as well as 17 other major sponsors. The 120 golfers in attendance also brought in money for the Christel House, with all donations totaling $100,000.

“It only takes $3,500 to provide education, meals, clothes, transportation, and healthcare to one child for one year and I’m ecstatic to report that our collective efforts for this event translates to sponsoring 23 students!” said David Brown, Co-President of Grand Pacific Resorts. “To put that in perspective, the school Rosa attended in Mexico City is at capacity serving 800 children. This event brings me hope that together those children will go on to become leaders in their community and also inspire a lifetime of helping the next generation.”

Learn more about Grand Pacific Resorts by visiting their website.