Bluegreen Vacations Partners With Habitat for Humanity and Deliver the Dream for Voluntourism Programs

Bluegreen Vacations

Leading vacation ownership company Bluegreen Vacations has just begun its new volunteerism program in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and Deliver the Dream, where guests and owners will have the chance to participate in “voluntourism” by helping families and creating impactful memories on their vacations.

Voluntourism is a term described as a form of tourism where travelers volunteer their time to help surrounding communities or the environment of their destination. This travel concept has become a major focus for Bluegreen Vacations and its initiatives moving forward.

Bluegreen Vacations will be hosting a variety of “voluntourism” initiatives in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Deliver the Dream at The Fountains Resort in Orlando this fall. Up to 50 owners and Bluegreen associates will have the opportunity to participate in activities like building homes and assisting families with chronic illnesses or other crises.

Bluegreen Vacations’ President and CEO Shawn B. Pearson was thrilled to talk about the new program:

“We are proud to partner with such distinguished organizations to give back to the community. These activities will provide our owners with opportunities for more meaningful vacation experiences while making a difference in the lives of others.”

Some of the major events include a hosted retreat in partnership with Deliver the Dreams for families with children suffering from genetic syndrome disordered September 13-15 and another retreat benefitting veteran families December 6-8 where participants can relax, spend time together, and connect with other families. On October 2, Bluegreen Vacations and their team of volunteers will be working with Habitat for Humanity to help build and repair homes in a developing community outside of Orlando called Silver Pines.

To learn more about Bluegreen Vacations, their many initiatives, or their vacation opportunities, please visit their official website.