Interval International And Grupo Hospedar Sign Exlcusive, Multi-Site Affiliation Agreement

Interval International

Interval International, one of the leaders of external exchange in the vacation ownership industry, has entered into a multi-site affiliation agreement with Grupo Hospedar in Brazil. This exclusive contract includes two fractional resorts on the northeast coast as well as any future properties developed or acquired during the term of the agreement.

The two existing fractional resorts in the agreement are Encantos de Itaperapuã and Paraíso das Dunas. Encantos de Itaperapuã is located in the city of Proto Seguro, known for its beautiful temperate weather and incredible stretches of pristine beaches. Paraíso das Dunas resides in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, known for its coastal sand dunes, reefs, and freshwater lagoons.

“In the last six years, Grupo Hospedar has made significant strides, welcoming nearly 2,800 owners and implementing a sizeable expansion at one of its beachfront resorts,” said Marcos Agostini, the executive vice president of global sales and business development at Interval International. “The company has achieved a great deal in a short period of time, and we look forward to supporting their exciting future plans.”

Encantos de Itaperapuã is composed of 49 units that feature high-end bathrooms and flatscreen TVs. On-site amenities include a restaurant, two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness room, and a children’s recreation area. Nearby, guests can find shopping, dining, and exciting nightlife venues.

Paraíso das Dunas offers 88 units that are currently under renovation and are set to be completed by the third quarter of 2020. There are also 117 more units under construction that will open in the third quarter of 2021. On-site amenities are set to include two swimming pools, a pool bar, a restaurant, a fully equipped gym, and a kids’ playroom.

New buyers at Encantos de Itaperapuã and Paraíso das Dunas will automatically be enrolled as individual members of Interval International, allowing them to enjoy many benefits including exchanging their vacation week for trips to the thousands of resorts within the Interval International network.

Learn more about Interval International and their other affiliated resort properties on their official website.