A New Caribbean Island Disney Resort Has Been Announced

Disney Cruise Line has a new destination coming to its ranks as the renderings have just been released for 751-acre Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Construction is set to begin this year and has a projected completion of late 2022 or early 2023.

Photos show images of beachfront bungalow suites, stretches of pristine beaches, restaurants, live entertainment options, walking paths, pools, a children pool area, and plenty of untouched nature to explore. The project and its design have been inspired by the spirit and culture of the island and the Disney team wishes to keep an emphasis on this spirit by hiring local Bahamian employees to work at the resort.

Disney Imagineer, Joe Rohde, who also assisted in the designs of both Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and Aulani, a Disney Resort located in Hawaii, will be a key contributor spearheading this project.

Rohde stated:

“The Bahamas offers a fascinating multicultural tradition of food, music, dance, and storytelling. Eleuthera, in particular, is home to many artists, and we will be working with painters, sculptors, writers, storytellers, musicians, weavers, and artists of every kind, much like we did with Aulani in Hawaii, to create a completely unique experience that is rooted in Bahamian culture and imbued with Disney magic.”

The new property will be the second Disney resort in the Caribbean, second to Castaway Cay which opened in 1998. The cost, including both the purchase of land and construction, is estimated to be anywhere between $250 and $400-million.

Disney has also said that the company will only develop around 20% of the property and will also be donating around 190 acres of land back to the Bahamian government so it can be utilized by its citizens.

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