Diamond Resorts Uses Google Cloud Tools to Predict Travel Trends During Pandemic

Diamond Resorts has been utilizing tools offered by Google Cloud as part of a company-wide digital transformation. Specifically, Diamond Resorts is using Looker and BigQuery technology to accurately predict the travel demand, monitor occupancy rates, track revenue, and reduce expenses during the global pandemic. Utilizing these tools, the company has been able to optimize the reopening plan for all their properties while meeting the demands of the constantly-changing industry conditions.

“While no one could have predicted the impact of the pandemic, we are thankful to have prioritized our company-wide digital transformation over the past few years,” said Mike Flaskey, CEO of Diamond Resorts. “A key aspect of this was the implementation of Looker which has allowed us to quickly make data-driven decisions during a time of historic unpredictability.”

Diamond Resorts reopened its properties back at the end of May, and since then, they have dealt with a strong demand, checked in more than 370,000 guests, and finalized more than $200 million in new vacation ownership interests. The demand is mostly driven by millennial travelers who have been very interested in Diamond’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as private concerts and meet-and-greets with celebrities.

Additionally, vacation ownership is proving to be one of the most accessible ways for families to travel with extra space and amenities while enjoying deluxe destinations and experiences.

Diamond Resorts is able to use Looker to better track new reservations, reschedules, and check-ins at resorts in real time. The insights have shown key 2021 travel trends including:

  • Post-Vaccine Demand – Winter and Spring bookings are up 51-percent this year compared to Q2 in 2020.
  • On the Road Again – Drive-to destinations continue to be popular with travelers looking for short getaways. As of March 15, weekend occupancy rates at Diamond’s U.S. resorts have returned to pre-COVID-19 levels. More than 85% of Diamond members live within a 300-mile drive to a Diamond Resorts property.

Before using Google Cloud machine learning, Diamond’s forecasting for availability was a multi-part process over a 28-day horizon. With the use of this technology, Diamond Resorts can automate this process and include additional data points to ensure accurate, real-time nightly room rates for hotel guests.

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