Vacation Innovations Wins Best Technology, Multiple Awards at the 2023 GNEX Conference

Vacation Innovations, a leading provider of travel-related products, software and services, today announced it was awarded the 2023 GNEX Vacation Industry Awards for Best Technology, Best Industry Leader, and Best Marketing Professional at the 2023 Global Networking Expo. The Company has a strong tradition of excellence in the GNEX Vacation Industry Awards (formerly Perspective Magazine Awards), with multiple wins each year since the awards’ inception in 2011.

The honor of Best Technology is a reflection of the industry-leading technology that drives the company’s suite of established travel products, leveraging business intelligence, marketing automation, and improved algorithms to create an enhanced experience for both its customers and business partners. Sergio Santos, Chief Product Officer of Vacation Innovations, who was named Best Industry Leader, has played a significant role in the development, evolution, and integration of the company’s technology and products over his 16-year career with the organization. In addition, Alex Glover, VI’s Director of Communications, was named Best Marketing Professional for his dedication to ensuring the success of the Company through effective communication and marketing practices.

“Our technology and our focus on data and business intelligence are the foundation of what sets us apart as an organization and we’re honored to receive this recognition,” said Bryan Rand, President of Vacation Innovations. “We thank the Perspective Group for helping us to call attention to the excellence our team members bring to our organization and to the industry. We remain focused on further developing our products and services to deliver innovation in the rental and resale space, as well as tour generation.”

The Company has maintained a significant level of involvement at all GNEX conferences and sees the annual series of events in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as an important forum for building global relationships and exploring opportunities within the vacation ownership industry.

“I’m incredibly proud to receive this award for Best Industry Leader,” Sergio said. “I’ve spent my career working to maximize the value our products and services provide our clients and partners, and it’s an honor to be recognized by our industry. We’re proud serve as a strong partner to the vacation ownership and larger travel industries and I look forward to continuing to evolve our products and services to best serve our clients’ needs.”

Vacation Innovations continues to invest heavily in its brands, programs, and technology, with additional updates launching throughout 2023 and beyond. The Company also maintains a strong presence within the industry with executive-level representation at key events led by the American Resort Development Association, the Canadian Resort and Travel Association (CRTA), the Asociación de Complejos Vacacionales y Turísticos (ACOTUR), the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.), and more.

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