StarOptions and StarPoints Increase for Westin St. John – What it Means for Owners

StarOptions and StarPoints Increase for Westin St. John – What it Means for Owners

Starwood Vacation Network (SVN) has just released their 2014-2015 Network Calendar and StarOptions charts. Owners use these charts to determine where and when they can travel. StarOptions dictate how many points are required to book a reservation at a Starwood resort. They also determine how many points SVN owners have to use towards trading and exchanging.

This year, many owners were surprised to see that the points required to stay at the Westin St. John timeshare resort, have substantially increased.

While Starwood has not commented on the cause of this change, many speculate that the points increase is due to new developments at the resort. Last year the resort broke ground on a new luxury segment, the Coral Vista Villas. With this new segment, we have seen a growth in the reservation and resale value at the Westin St. John.

This is the first time that Starwood has established such a wide points range for “premium” properties.

What does this mean for Westin St. John owners?

For Westin St. John owners, this is great news. With an increase in both StarOptions and StarPoints in 2015, these owners will have more leverage to book and exchange. Here is an example of the points increase for the Virgin Grand Villas segment of the resort.

Click image to view full PDF:Westin St. John 2015 StarOptions and StarPoints

Here you’ll see that for a three-bedroom unit during weeks 1-18, 51-52, StarOptions increased from 196,900 to 257,700. For the same reservation, StarPoints increased from 76,800 in 2013 to 139,100 in 2015.

Not only will these owners have more flexibility to travel to other resorts, but they may benefit from an increased timeshare resale value. Now that the Westin St. John is valued as a premium SVN resort, the demand for timeshare resales at this home resort may also increase.

What does this mean for all other Starwood Owners?

For Starwood owners looking to travel to the Westin St. John, you may experience new restrictions. Now that more points are required to visit St. John, you may not be able to reserve your desired week or unit. With more points required to book a timeshare week, you may need to select a smaller room or travel during a non-peak week.

However, there are still ways to enjoy the same accommodations at the Westin St. John. You may be able to bank a portion of this year’s points to use next year, or the year after.

Starwood Vacation Network has not released any information in regards to similar changes at their other resorts. Check back with for more details later this year.

Media Source: Starwood Vacation Network

Starwood Vacation Ownership Undergoes $35 Million Expansion for Westin St. John Resort & Villas

Starwood Vacation Ownership Undergoes $35 Million Expansion for Westin St. John Resort & Villas

Westin St. John Resort & VillasStarwood Vacation Ownership has announced that they will spend a proposed 35 million dollars to expand and renovate the Westin St. John Resort & Villas.

The $35 million renovation will first update existing villas of the expansive Caribbean resort. Starwood will then add a new section of luxury timeshares to the Westin resort, known as the Coral Vista Villas. Additional renovations are currently being made to various areas of the resort including the pool, restaurants, meeting space, and existing guest suites.

CEO of Starwood Vacation Ownership Steve Williams states, “The Westin St. John Resort & Villas is one of the most successful shared ownership resorts in the Caribbean. As the resort and the on-site vacation ownership continue to play a pivotal role in St. John’s expansive tourism market, we are thrilled to enhance our presence and commitment to the island.”

Due to increased participation in their vacation ownership program, the renovation will convert 79 existing hotel units into 54 luxury timeshare villas. Additional units will be added in the area overlooking the Great Cruz Bay. The Cruz Bay project will include 30 two-bedroom villas, 6 two- bedroom lofts, and 18 studio timeshare villas.

Once construction is complete, the Westin St. John Resort & Villas will feature over 200 luxury suites and timeshare villas. The resort will also be upgrading resort areas such as the WestinWORKOUT® gym, spa, water activity area, and a dockside check-in option.

Starwood is also introducing new energy efficient practices, including the installation of solar panels through the resort.
Governor of the US Virgin Islands, John de Jongh says, “The significant investment in the renovation of The Westin St. John Resort & Villas will raise the standard of this premier resort with stylish and contemporary accommodations, unique amenities and a world-class guest experience. These efforts will ensure that The Westin St. John Resort & Villas continues to be one of the top destinations of choice for business and leisure travelers.”

The initial phases of the expansion are already underway and are expected to be completed during 2014. Some areas of the resort may be temporarily closed during renovations until December 18th, 2013. All areas of the expansion are expected to be open to guests by January 2015.

Westin Resorts Makes it Easier to Get High-Tech in Aspen and Snowmass

Westin Resorts Makes it Easier to Get High-Tech in Aspen and Snowmass

The Westin Resorts Snowmass and Wildwood Snowmass have eliminated any excuse not to hold your conferences or working vacations at their resorts. With recent upgrades to speed and bandwidth in a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network, Westin Snowmass and Wildwood Snowmass now offer some the fastest and most reliable internet connections in the area. Hotels, timeshares, and vacation ownership resorts are really getting the message that people can travel more and vacation oftener if only they can stay better connected.

Partnering with PSAV Presentation Services, dual band access points have been installed throughout the resort in areas with a high-demand for internet usage, such as the public spaces, meeting spaces, guest rooms, and back offices. Additionally, working with Comcast, these Westin Resorts have added advanced bandwidth designed for the long-term use and expanded needs of conferences and groups.

Matt Harvey, vice president of client network services for PSAV explains, “Mountain properties are often challenged to deliver business class bandwidth along with updated infrastructure and service at remote resort locations. With the bandwidth, wireless infrastructure, and on-site support now available, The Westin Snowmass and Wildwood Snowmass rivals even the most hi-tech, major metro properties.”

Harvey adds, “The Westin Snowmass is now in an entirely new league offering bandwidth at this level, making it on-par with major city conference center hotels that were traditionally the only properties considered for tech-heavy conferences in the past.”

Tim Johnson, director of sales and marketing at the Westin Snowmass points out that travelers and guests expect connectivity that is on-par with what they experience at home. Johnson says, “We have dramatically increased our bandwidth with this new Wi-Fi so meeting attendees/presenters, business travelers and leisure travelers can access the strong, fast, reliable Internet access they need.”

Wildwood Snowmass and The Westin Snowmass Resort are owned by a joint venture between Starwood Capital Group (owner of Starwood timeshare) and Wasserman Real Estate

ARDA-Hawaii Presents Hawaii Timeshare with Aloha Award

ARDA-Hawaii Presents Hawaii Timeshare with Aloha Award

ARDA Hawaii Timeshare Awards
ARDA Hawaii Timeshare “Timeshare with Aloha” Award

The American Resort Development Association of Hawaii (ARDA-Hawaii) presents Kauai’s 2012 Hawaii Timeshare Employee of the Year award to Julie Pavao  of the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas.

Pavao, an Executive Assistant at the Westin, is the first to receive Kauai’s 2012 Timeshare Employee of the Year award through the statewide program. ARDA Hawaii has recognized her for continually providing outstanding service and going beyond the call of duty.

ARDA-Hawaii Chair Daniel Dinell says, “Julie Pavao best represents all of the qualities we envisioned in creating the Timeshare with Aloha Awards.”

Dinell, who is the Hilton Grand Vacations Vice President for Oahu, adds, “With her demonstrated commitment to the growth and development in the resort and timeshare industry, and equal dedication to her community by helping to organize the Hawaii Hotel and Lodging Association’s Visitor Industry Charity Walk, Julie truly deserves this well-earned recognition from her peers.”

Julie Pavao started working with Starwood Vacation Ownership in 1987. Denise Wardlow, General Manager at The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas nominated Pavao for the award, pointing out that Pavao is such a willing problem solver for both guests and staff, she has the role of “Aunty Julie,” creating an environment of extended ohana (family) for timeshare owners, guests, and employees at the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas.

Pavao, who is said to exemplify the Aloha Spirit, is an active community member and volunteers with the Visitor Industry Charity Walk on Kauai; the Relay For Life; Adopt-A-Highway; the Westin Princeville Charity Golf Tournament and the resort’s Silent Auction for the Kauai Lifeguards Association.

More about the ARDA-Hawaii Award: Hawaii Timeshare with Aloha

ARDA-Hawaii established the “Timeshare with Aloha” Awards to spotlight committed industry professionals who make Hawaii timeshare special to visit. Four outstanding employees, one from Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and Hawaii were honored. Each received a two-night stay at a Hawaii timeshare resort and $1,000 to spend during their vacation. Others receiving the Timeshare with Aloha Award include: Keani Awai, Marketing Manager, Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, Maui; Ashley M.K. DeCanto, Administration Manager, Club Wyndham – Waikiki Beach Walk and Royal Garden at Waikiki, Oahu; and Stephanie Peterson, Executive Vacation Counselor, Hilton Grand Vacations Club -Waikoloa Beach Resort, Island of Hawaii.

ARDA-Hawaii is the local chapter of the American Resort Development Association. Hawaii timeshares account for 13 percent of Hawaii’s visitor lodging inventory and thousands of jobs. Learn more about “Timeshare with Aloha” at