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RCI Wins 6 ARDA Awards Including “ACE Innovator”

RCI, the leader in timeshare exchange, won six awards at this year’s ARDA awards. The honors were presented on April 15th, at the ARDA 2015 Awards Gala Dinner.

The timeshare exchange group was most excited to receive the ARDA Circle of Excellence (ACE) Innovator Award in the large company category. RCI earned this award for their new Online Points Conversion Tool. This innovative marketing solution helps RCI® affiliated resorts to convert their members from RCI Weeks® to RCI Points®.

President of RCI, Gordon Gurnik said, “We’re ecstatic to once again take home the ACE Innovator Award. Through the Online Points Conversion Tool, our affiliates are finding they can reach a greater audience in their efforts to improve owner conversion rates and efficiencies—without increasing their direct mail or telesales costs. This award represents a great win for the industry, for our valued affiliates and for RCI.”

Before RCI introduced the Online Points Conversion Tool, affiliates had to go through a much more difficult process to convert an owner’s weeks to RCI Points®. The online tool makes it easy for owners to convert their weeks, without having to work in-person or over the phone with the resort.

The platform allows the affiliate to customize emails to send to their owners. The resort can send different types of emails to current RCI members and prospective members. The tool also features an interactive section with videos and animations for affiliates to use during member presentations.

In addition to the ACE Innovator award, RCI was honored with five additional awards.

RCI 2015 ARDA Awards:

  • Magazine, Print Format: RCI Ventures® magazine Q2 2014
  • Magazine, Electronic Format: Endless Vacations® magazine Spring 2014 App for iPad®
  • Call Center: RCI Resort Services Solutions
  • Inventory Revenue Manager/Team: RCI Revenue Management Reporting Team
  • Website, Industry Partner/Other:

Gurnik continued, “On behalf of everyone at RCI, we’re thrilled to have received these awards from ARDA. They are a testament to our ongoing dedication and commitment to providing full-circle business support to our affiliates and delivering dream vacations to our members.”

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Horned Owl

Baby Owls Found at Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort

For the third consecutive year, Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort welcomes a new baby owl! The resort found a nest of Great Horned Owls on the top of their roof, located between two roof pitches.

To allow employees and guests to view the owls, Wyndham has provided a webcam to observe a live feed of the baby and its’ mother. Although the nest is in a tight spot, Wyndham made sure that everyone would be able to see the owls. [Read more…]

New Study Reveals Top 25 Timeshare Resales

New Study Reveals Top 25 Timeshare Resales, a market research firm, recently conducted a study to examine the highest performing timeshare resales. The study, “Top 25 Timeshare Resorts,” ranked the most popular properties and their average sales prices on the secondary market.

The intention of this study was to provide information for both timeshare buyers and sellers. For sellers, this information may help you to understand the average sales price for your resort, or a comparable unit. For buyers, this information can help you to understand the market asking price. [Read more…]

Interval International

Interval International Adds New Club Intrawest Property

Interval International has added a new resort to their timeshare exchange network, Club Intrawest—Ucluelet.

Located on Vancouver Island, Club Intrawest—Ucluelet is quickly becoming one of the club’s most popular resorts. Not only is it located right on the waterfront, but it is just minutes away from the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Club Intrawest President, Trevor Bruno, shared, “Much like our other resorts, Ucluelet is situated in a one-of-a-kind setting that offers extraordinary opportunities for outdoor activities. Our off-the-beaten-path locations appeal to our discerning Members, many of whom travel the world seeking unique vacations combined with high-end services and amenities.”

Ucluelet and it’s surroundings offers something for almost every type of vacationer. The area offers a variety of mountains, rainforests, trails, and beaches. While staying at the resort, guests can hike the Wild Pacific Trail, surf at Wickaninnish Beach, whale watch in Barkley Sound, and even kayak along the harbor. So, whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors or simply relax on the beach, you’re sure to have an amazing vacation.

Recently, the resort underwent a complete renovation. The one- and two-bedroom units were updated with modern furniture and decor. All units are housed inside private vacation villas and feature full kitchens, patios, and balconies that offer views of the marina or inlet.

Interval’s senior vice president of resort sales and marketing, Bryan Ten Broek, said, “Club Intrawest—Ucluelet is paradise for nature lovers. It’s an impressive addition to Intrawest’s exceptional portfolio of properties in ski, beach and golf destinations. We are thrilled to welcome another of its resorts to our network.”

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