National Timeshare Owners Association Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is celebrating 20 years of its service as North America’s largest and oldest independent owner association. Over the course of two decades, the NTOA has educated timeshare owners on their ownership rights and helped optimize the use of their timeshare ownership.

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canadian resort development association

Canadian Vacation Ownership Association Approves El Cid Vacations Club

Noted Mexico-based hospitality company El Cid Vacations Club has recently been approved for a membership with the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA). The approval will bring a higher standard of excellence to the El Cid brand and also encourage new networking opportunities and community-based benefits for the vacation club company. [Read more…]

canadian resort development association

Canadian Resort Development Association Undergoes Rebrand

The Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA) has undergone a rebrand to better reflect their commitment to the Canadian vacation ownership community. Now known as the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association, the association will continue to not only represent the resort development industry, but the greater timeshare ownership industry as a whole. [Read more…]