Timeshare Spammer Jailed, Ordered to Pay $120,000 Restitution

The notorious “Timeshare Spammer” was sentenced today to one year in federal prison. Inboxes everywhere rejoice.

Search for “timeshare” on any online news service, and news stories about the nefarious “Timeshare Spammer” dominate the results. Convicted “Timeshare Spammer” Peter Moshou was sentenced today to serve 1 year in federal prison and was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $120,000. The case has received worldwide attention because Mr. Moshou is among the first spammers to be sentenced for violations of the relatively new CAN-SPAM act.

I am particularly vocal when it comes to lousy business practices in the timeshare industry. It is for this reason that I feel obliged to comment on such widely-publicized news.

First, that this spammer was busily and indiscriminately flooding people’s inboxes with garbage causes him to rightfully earn the ire of everyone with an email account. Never purchase anything from spammers, nor should you offer money for their supposed “services”. Why reward bad behavior?

Second, this is a particularly dramatic example of shady marketing practices which persist in the timeshare sales community. The Timeshare Spammer’s sentence serves as an explicit warning, not only to all spammers everywhere, but also to certain unscrupulous types who infest the timeshare industry. Sorry guys, but bottom-feeder sales tactics are no longer acceptable in this business.

If only the “timeshare spammers” of the world would go find real jobs like everyone else…