At Sell My Timeshare NOW, It’s All About Time!

Here’s some holiday wishes, plus a timely innovation which could help us achieve our goals in the new year.

As holiday festivities are already well under way in many parts of the world, the Timeshare Owners’ Blog would like to extend our best wishes and hopes to all of our readers, along with sincere wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

2005 is in her final days, never to seen again. Everywhere, people are trying to finish up this year’s activities to make room for next year’s workload. Accordingly, it seems quite timely to bring up the subject of “Clocky”. Clocky is the brainchild of scientists at MIT’s Media Lab, and is designed, to put it bluntly, to be the most annoying alarm clock on the planet.

The device itself looks harmless enough, except for its padded exterior and those suspicious wheels on either side. Wake up and bound out of bed, and Clocky is nothing more than a well-mannered home appliance. But be a slacker and hit the snooze button and Clocky will make you pay for your sleep-loving ways.

The snooze button brings out the worst in Clocky, causing it to immediately roll off your bedside table and seek the most inconvenient hiding spot possible. Whereupon, Clocky will sound the alarm again, forcing the sleepyhead to abandon warmth and comfort to find the alarming offender. 

Worst of all, Clocky is programmed to seek new hiding places each and every morning.

Actually, Clocky (which should be available to the public in 2006) may turn out to be an ideal solution for those of us who fight the interruption of peaceful slumber that is inevitably brought on each day by an alarm clock, a spouse, our children, the dog, the telephone, or that inexcusably noisy garbage truck on the corner.

Which brings me back to the timely matter of timeshares. Don’t just try to use your timeshare in 2006—DO IT. Don’t just think about renting a timeshare or investing in a timeshare resale—MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Schedule a vacation and take it. Leave your alarm clock—whatever kind you prefer to use—in a different time zone and go on holiday. There are plenty of well-meaning things (like Clocky) that make it easier do what we have to do. But there are only a few things—and owning a timeshare is one of them—that make it easier do what we really want to do.