Do You Own Timeshare Property at Magens Point Resort in St. Thomas?

Fire seriously damages at least one of the timeshare property’s buildings.

According to reports by the Virgin Island Daily News, one of the three accommodations buildings at Magens Point Timeshare Resort in St. Thomas was seriously damaged by fire on January 16, 2006. While no guests were injured, the damage reported is extensive.

When firefighters from St. Thomas, along with nearby Anna’s Retreat arrived, they found the building on the east side of the property engulfed in flames with the most severe damage being to the eight units on the building’s upper floor.

According to St. Thomas Fire Chief, Glenn Francis, the fire did not originate in any of the occupied guest rooms, however the actual cause is undetermined at this time. An investigation is ongoing into the cause as well as to find out if the fire alarm system was operational at the time the fire broke out.

If you were scheduled to vacation at Magens Point this year, you should contact the resort immediately for a full report on the damages and the future availability of accommodations. It also occurs to me that it might be a smart idea if we all brought along a small, fully-functional, battery-operated smoke detector for future vacations…