Malta Joins the Move to Regulate Timeshare Sales

Businesspeople fear Malta’s image is being marred.

Here’s one of those items I always like to report. Members of the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU) have asked officials in Malta to put a stop to pushy timeshare sellers.

The businesspeople of the GRTU generally support the presence of timeshares in Malta, recognizing that they bring thousands of tourists to the tiny island. But they are asking the Ministry for Tourism and Culture to set and enforce guidelines to stop Malta timeshare operators, street side hucksters and persistent OPCs (“OPC” stands for “off-property consultant”) from approaching tourists in the cities. Such aggressive tactics not only disrupt business in the area but also drive tourists away and damage Malta’s image as a serene vacation destination.

It is clear that everyone benefits when local governments clamp down on the bad boys of the resort sales industry. Let’s hope that Maltese officials are listening to the wisdom and common sense voiced by their business and tourism communities.