ARDA Announces Vacation Ownership Sentiment Index Results for First Quarter of 2024


ARDA just released the March results of the AIF Vacation Ownership Sentiment Index. This closed out the first quarter of 2024 and showed a positive travel attitude from timeshare owners. This index was first launched in February 2023 to provide monthly updates on the timeshare owner sentiment and give insight on anticipated behaviors relative to the larger traveler market. It also measures the overall health of the timeshare industry on a regular basis.

In the March index, it showed that timeshare owners are more than twice as likely than the average traveler to strongly agree that “there are some excellent travel deals to be found now.” Additionally, they are found to believe that the US economic conditions improved over the past month. Other takeaways from the March 2024 index include:

  • 63% of individuals who own timeshares firmly believe that nothing will deter them from taking a vacation, in contrast to 43% of all travelers expressing the same sentiment. This reflects a positive trend, with 51% of timeshare owners holding this belief in January and 57% in February.
  • Those who perceive timeshare ownership as excellent value and would recommend it have experienced significant increases for the third consecutive month. Both metrics have risen by +20 points since January.
  • 71% of timeshare owners intend to upgrade their existing timeshare or acquire additional timeshare products within the next two years, marking a +23% improvement over February’s figures.
  • Timeshare owners are over 50% more inclined than the general traveler population to invest more time and money into vacations over the next six months. They are also 65% more likely than the broader traveler group to have already booked their next planned vacation.

“Our Vacation Ownership Sentiment Index has provided us with data and insights that we have always known to be true – timeshare owners travel more, prioritize leisure time, and are very happy with their ownership,” said Jason Gamel, president and CEO of ARDA. “It’s no surprise that timeshare owners are inclined to travel more often, given the quality of accommodations and flexible booking options. As we look ahead to the summer travel season, the frequency of their travels isn’t just a plus for our industry – it’s also a win for other sectors, such as airlines, restaurants, and more.”

ARDA also produced insights regarding yearly trends:

  • The March Index surged by +17 points to reach 126.3, marking its highest level since August of the previous year. Indices exceeding 100 signify optimistic sentiments.
  • The AIF Vacation Ownership Index has consistently demonstrated seasonal highs in March and August, maintaining resilience and positive scores throughout its inaugural fourteen months of monitoring.
  • For the tenth consecutive month, over 70% of timeshare owners expressed strong satisfaction, believing their latest vacation significantly surpassed the usual experience.
  • The number of timeshare owners strongly affirming their determination to vacation without hindrance has reached its highest point in six months.

Read the complete Vacation Ownership Sentiment Index results from Quarter 1 of 2024 here.