RCI Timeshare Symposium is All About Burgeoning Industry Growth

Timeshare industry leaders will meet in Dubai to chart a path as industry prepares for serious growth.

Resort Condominiums International’s (RCI) Middle East operations headquarters is now located in Dubai. From their offices, they oversee all of their rapidly growing timeshare business in India, China, the Middle East, East Africa, and Turkey. It is no coincidence that the April 2006 international timeshare symposium, hosted by RCI (Cendant) and Ragatz Consulting, will he held in Dubai—at the hub of much of this growth explosion.

Global timeshare industry specialists have great expectations for timeshare development in Dubai, India, and other parts of the region. During this year’s symposium, entitled “New Horizons in Shared Ownership,” officials are expected to voice timeshare industry growth expectations of more than of 50% over the next five years, with India and Dubai being pacesetter locations expected to see the greatest increases.

Preben Vestdam, President and CEO for Europe and the Middle East (RCI) says, “(timeshare) is a brilliant business model for Dubai when you think of the volume of real estate. In this region, in 10 years time, I can see there being an additional 500-1,000 timeshare resorts.”

The symposium expects to attract business investors, real estate developers, and international specialists from the timeshare industry.